Coming Soon…

A story of suspense, love, and betrayal. Perhaps it’s a story about who runs this place, and for what interesting purpose.

Not for audiences 14 or under. Parental supervision recommended. Popcorn optional, but drinking required. Must be of legal drinking age, unless you’re drinking water. May be of illegal drinking age when drinking water.

Do not drink too much water. It’s bad for you.

However, make sure you drink plenty. Check the colour of your urine for details. This does not count as medical advice. Please consult your physician for medical advice, so he can tell you to check your urine for details.

Consult the pamphlet that says, ‘this is how you consult your physician’. I don’t know, just show up and say, ‘Hello! Can you help me with my problem? Will love you long time.

Coming to a theater near you! Not that one! That other one…yea.

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